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Let's Bring Out the Best in Your Dog!

At FullFocusK9 we provide professional dog training for dogs of any age - young or old (and in between), any breed - big or small, we take them all! We are happy to take on any client who has the desire to make their dog(s) the best they can be!

Our home base is in Dacula, GA but we serve all around Georgia! We are now happy to announce that we have a South Carolina location!

Depending on which option is best for you and your dog, we offer customized board and trains, private and group lessons, and socialized or specific needs boarding.

We are one of the only training companies in our area to offer payment plans.

We are fully licensed and insured by Kennel Pro and have a certification in Dog CPR, First Aid and Care by PetTech.

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a husky puppySiberian Husky puppy

Does Your Dog...

Embarrass you in public?

Need to be bribed to listen?

Drag you down the street on walks?

React aggressively towards other dogs or strangers?

Steal food, counter surf, and/or eat and chew things they shouldn't?

Or Maybe You Want to...

doodle poodle mix dog

Build a stronger bond with your dog?

Give your puppy a solid foundation?

Prevent behavioral issues before they begin?

Get help with current behavioral problems?

Advance your dogs training skills?

You are in the Right Place!

If you answered YES to any of those questions, schedule your free phone consult today or learn more about what we offer!

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Free Lifetime Refreshers!

When you invest in our training, we know that it will set your dog up for success for the rest of its life. We want you to know that we are here for you for the lifetime of your dog, not just while your dog is in our program.

If your dog ever needs a refresher on its training from our advanced skills or behavior modification program, we offer free lifetime refreshers! With all of our other programs, we still have your back and are always here to help if you need it however the free lifetime refreshers are not included with our puppy package as puppies age and require deeper training!

Show Me the Programs!
Mary Webb with a happy pug

Meet Mary!

I am the founder and owner of FullFocusK9. I’ve always had a deep love for animals. From riding horses since 3 years old, working with animals, studying pre-vet in college, competing with dogs, working for a dog training company, to now owning FullFocusK9, it's clear that animals have always been one of my greatest passions in life.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of types of dogs and their owners. We all love a good well rounded dog to work with but my favorite type of dog to work with is a challenge. I love a challenge because it brings me joy to watch them transform and to help you bring out the best in your dog

German shepherd dog caesar vom wolfhaus

And this is Caesar!

Caesar is my 7 year old German Shepherd, heart and soul dog, and the inspiration to my career. He's the big man on campus who started it all for me.

Caesar helps me during initial in person consults with dogs as he has a very clear way of telling me what the other dog is feeling/how they're reacting. He continuously proves to me how amazing dogs can be and has taught me to be a better trainer.

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We have a Balanced Approach to Dog Training

We use balanced training methods to teach both you and your dog to work as a team, reward the good, correct/redirect the bad!

We emphasize on engagement and communication in our training programs which result in your dog being more focused during training sessions and in real life situations.

Details About Our Methods!
puppy being obedient waiting for treat

What Our Clients Say

I feel like I have my life back!

I had given up until I found FullFocusK9. We drove all the way from VA to GA. I had an aggressive GSD who failed out of puppy school, was asked not to come back to doggy day care, and brought me to the ground numerous times due to his leash reactivity (lunging, pulling, and barking at other dogs).

Now that he’s home I feel like I have my life back. I can take him on walks, runs around my neighborhood, hikes and even into stores. Honestly, Mary really opened so many doors for us. Now he goes out when we go out, and he obeys what’s asked of him. I couldn’t recommend her company enough. So if you’re on the verge of contacting her about her BNT services.... Do it!

His transformation was nothing short of amazing!

What impressed me most, aside from the incredible changes in my dog's behavior, was the extent Mary went to stay in touch daily and providing videos and pics of my dog to keep me posted. I constantly felt “in touch” with what was going on and the progress my dog was making. My dog had extreme aggression, triggered by his own insecurities and fear. Throughout the three week course his transformation was nothing short of amazing. His ability to focus, listen, and play with the other dogs instead of attacking them literally brought me to tears. Mary is extremely knowledgeable and brought forth tons of information. I feel empowered with the information and training I now have from Mary to give my dog the best life and bring the best out of him!  We have a bright future thanks to FullFocus K9!

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A Focus on Fitness

Dogs are inherently energetic, some breeds more than others, but they need both mental and physical exercise to thrive. With any of our programs, we incorporate daily structured exercise whether it be, "the up game", treadmill, or "find it games". It is very important for any training program and after your dog goes home to include exercise for you dog, mentally and physically!

We will show you how to do various exercises to stimulate your dog however we do recommend investing in a dog pacer as well!

Below is a video on treadmill and slatmill fun!